Turkish Furniture by Numbers

Turkey has secured a significant position in the furniture sector with its seating groups, dining room sets, wall units, end tables and different accecories.

Turkey’s large milling and wood manufacturing industry is in a position to supply wood products to regional markets in the Middle East, particularly those countries that lack a wood manufacturing sector sector of their own. Turkey is also in a competitive position to supply semi-processed wood products and furniture to the EU as a result of its relatively lower labor costs. Turkish forest product based industries, such as the panel and furniture industries, have increased their capacity over the last decade, allowing them to take advantage of these regional opportunities. 

In Turkey, furniture production can be classified in accordance with materials used as wooden furniture (massive and veneered), metal furniture and others. Wooden furniture has a major share in total furniture production. As it is known for good quality furniture, the types of wood used and plywood inputs have to be taken into consideration. The main types of wood used in the manufacture of massive furniture in Turkey are ash, beech, oak, pine, linden and mahogany. In veneered furniture, oak, beech, walnut and mahogany are used. Turkish furniture factories use the latest technologies in producing furniture, which is always up to world standards. Since 1990 the application of advanced technology and the use of CNC benches in the Turkish furniture industry have been increasing. Today, all of the large enterprises in the furniture sector use CNC benches. Most companies are equipped with modern machinery which allows the production of good, export-quality products. Quality control starts from the stage when the raw material is produced and continues till the end of the packaging process. Most of the companies have already obtained ISO 9000 certificates and other required quality certificates. The large scale firms comply with world standards in their packaging processes. In packaging PE, PP, foam, poly-urethane and cardboard boxes are used. Many of the large companies have special packaging sections. 


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